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Jore Marjaranta started his solo career in 2000, when he published his first solo album called Eteenpäin. This was the first time he published music in Finnish. The album reached number 10 in the Finnish album charts. The songs for Eteenpäin were composed by Jore and Ako Kiiski, who also produced Jore’s first three albums. The lyrics for the songs were written by Jore and Jiri Nikkinen. “Kävelet tähtiin päin” was the first song that Jore both composed and wrote the lyrics for in Finnish.

The second album, Aikaa palaa, was released in 2001. Jore took the main responsibility for lyrics and also composed the majority of the songs. A few songs were also composed by Ako Kiiski. The single Miten pelko lähtee was picked for the movie soundtrack of the film Minä ja Morrison. Thanks to the success of the movie, Miten pelko lähtee was extensively played by many radio stations. At thet time, Jore also hired permanent members for his band and they toured actively.

The Värit album was released in 2003. Haaveet kaatuu from the album was selected as the title song for the movie Pahat pojat, which achieved over 600,000 viewers and it is still the 18th most popular movie in Finland of all times. Haaveet kaatuu greatly strengthened Jore’s position in the Finnish music scene and increased his popularity as a live performer.

In 2004, Jore published a greatest hits collection 18 suosikkia, which includes a number of previously published songs and three new ones. The best known out of these is Ikävä.

Pieni ihminen from 2007 was Jore’s fifth album for the EMI record company. The songs Pieni ihminen and Mies were played frequently by the radio stations.

At the time when he was preparing his next album Niin kaunis on Helsinki nyt, Jore moved to Boulder Colorado in the US due to his wife’s work assignment. He visited Finland when the album was released to do a tour. Of the album, the title song Niin kaunis on Helsinki nyt as well as Mitä meille tapahtui became radio hits.

After relocating back to Finland in 2012, Jore started working with Nalle Ahlstedt, who is still his producer today. They began composing new material and Lasse Wikman joined to write lyrics together with Jore. As a result of this co-operation, a new album, IV, was released in 2015. From that album the songs Huomaan vain sinut, Muistatko sen and Oikeassa koskessa became radio hits. Jore says that the most important song on this album for him personally is Pieni omena (Petite pomme), a song he sings together with his oldest daughter. This album was published by Exogenic Music Group.

Production of the next album Hetket kuvina was crowdfunded, and it was released under the record label D8 Music. From this album, the songs Mä odotan, Liian vähän aikaa and Hetket kuvina were picked by the radio stations. The album also includes a duet, Kauneimmat, with the artist Zühlke.

During his solo career, Jore Marjaranta has released seven albums and one Best of collection. In addition to making music for films Minä ja Morrison and Pahat pojat, he has also performed music for the films Kalteva torni and Pikku Kananen (Chicken Little). He also sang the title tune for the TV show Salatut Elämät in early 2000’s.

Before his solo career:

Jore Marjaranta released his first record with a band called The Clap in 1981. From 1987 until 1991, he was the vocalist in ex-Hurriganes guitarist Albert Järvinen’s bands Bronx and Albert Järvinen Band. Around the same time in 1989, he also started as the lead vocalist in Leningrad Cowboys, an extravagant rock and roll cover band, where he stayed until 1996. With Leningrad Cowboys he toured in over 30 countries, including Australia and Japan. The band performed live at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York with the Russian Alexandrov Red Army Choir, and the show was aired to millions of viewers globally.

Before starting his solo career, Jore established Guitar Slingers, which toured and recorded 3 albums during 1991-1999.


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